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Red Mountain Golf Club | Phuket Golf Course

Red Mountain Golf Club

Red Mountain Golf Course is the second course at Loch Palm Golf Club and the newest Phuket golf course. The course was designed to take advantage of a huge variety of landforms and dramatic elevation changes, making it the hilliest Phuket Golf course. The entire Loch Palm site, like Blue Canyon, Phuket’s other famous golf course, is an abandoned tin mine. The hole routing explores the four corners of the former tin mine property representing a memorable tour of Phuket’s historical landscapes. Cliffs and gullies etched in sandy tailings over the years by storm waters feature on several holes. Towering cliffs cut out of the hills and flooded canyons frame several other holes. Phuket’s Golfers face the full range of natures hazards; wind, water, slopes and elevation changes.

  • This is the highest golf course on Phuket Island and dramatic views are realized from many of the points on the golf course.
  • Compulsory golf carts but no sane person would want to walk this course
  • A must play for Phuket golf visitors

Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket Playing Tips

The best advice to give most players before they hit off at Red Mountain is to relax, enjoy and be patient. Take your shots where you get them, look around at the beauty of the landscape – but don’t be distracted! It is a beautiful Phuket golf course so make sure you do enjoy the total Red Mountain package, in the words of the managing director Saradej Sudsana “Red Mountain provides an experience, not just a round of golf. We strive to provide the best golfing experience achievable. We also recognize the need to preserve and encourage the existing natural habitat and the long term ecological benefits involved”. When playing or whilst relaxing the wonderfully layout clubhouse it is worth remembering it took Jonathan Morrow 3 years to design this masterpiece, so take it all in.

Three special holes on the Red Mountain course are:

8th Hole – par 4 – stroke 15.

A risk and reward short downhill over water that can be reached by the long hitters. With water right up to the front of the green and off the left side of the green it’s very well protected and the percentage play is a medium iron and a wedge into the green.

17th Hole – par 3 – stroke 18.

The signature hole and one of the most spectacular Par 3’s in all of Phuket Golf. The hole drops about 100 metres from tee to green and it looks a very intimidating as the green is literally cut out of the forest directly below you. Although it measures around 180 yards, it only plays a short iron and the ball can take up to 10 seconds to come down. This great Phuket Golf hole allows your average golfer see what it feels like to be Tiger Woods. Club selection is very important here so take your time. Your work is not finished after you hit the green as you are confronted by a two tier severely sloping green.

18th Hole – par 5 – stroke 4.

A spectacular finishing hole that winds its way down a ravine in full view of the terrace of this magnificent clubhouse . Teeing off the first part of this testing Par 5 is downhill and the long hitters can catch the down slope about 240 yards away. If you catch that you will be on the flat facing a shot of no more than 200 yards but with water protecting the right side and bunkers on the left you have to very accurate. A more realistic 3 shot approach is advised with a wide open lay up, leaving about a 70 yard pitch into the hole. Again a testing green awaits you so stay focused right to the very end!

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