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Lakes Course at Blue Canyon Country Club | Phuket Golf Course

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Lakes Course at Blue Canyon Country Club | Phuket Golf Course

Lakes Course at Blue Canyon Country Club

The Blue Canyon Lake golf course is the 2nd golf course at Blue Canyon Country Club and is a mixture of water-filled canyons created by an abandoned open cast tin mine with the natural land flow left relatively unchanged from the original jungle contours. The Blue Canyon Lakes course front 9 holes run through a landscape of lakes and natural canyons, whilst the back 9 weaves its way around lakes and woodlands of rubber trees. This course has a lovely layout that is challenging for all levels of golfer with plenty of water and other hazards plus undulating greens without unduly punishing a minor mishap. Many people find this course the most enjoyable layout on the Island of Phuket. The grand club house has an almost colonial feel to it with its open terrace and the waitresses constantly topping up your water glass. The food here is truly excellent – try and get a member to sign your bill for you to get a large discount! It is 5* service with a smile, all the way.

  • A natural way to follow up a round at the Canyon Course is to play the Lakes Course the next day.
  • With multiple tee boxes on all holes – everyone can play and enjoy the lovely Lakes Course at Blue Canyon
  • Hole 18 is ranked as one of the top best par 4 in Asia by Asian Golf Monthly 2004

Lakes Course Playing Tips

This is a great course, wonderful layout and kept in great condition. This will provide most golfers with a good test without giving them nightmares. There are plenty of opportunities for a risk vs reward approach where especially longer hitters can cut corners and take on some of the numerous lakes, canyons and gullies around the course. But there is always a ‘smart’ safe option that players can take and play to their handicap as well. The practice facilities for those that like to get a feel for the course before hand are excellent and right next to the 1st tee. 2 chipping greens, 2 bunkers, a large putting green and large driving range are all there to get your swinging right straight from the first drive.

Three special holes on the Lakes course from the blue tees are:

4th Hole – par 4 – stroke 1, 371 yards

Blue Canyon Lakes CourseThis great hole plays far trickier than the 371 would have you believe. The drive is to a wide open space but anything left of the big tree means a long shot over a canyon to the green. The saying here is ‘If you are right of the tree – go for the green, If you go from the left of the tree – your ball will never be seen.’ Aim right of the tree – you do have more space over there than you think. From here you need to decide whether to go for the green or layup. If you hit a good 3 wood and you are well right of the tree it is only a 7 or 8 iron so no problem. Further left or short and you should be making use of the flat area 60 yards from the green just short of the canyon. From there it really is a straight forward chip to a large green. If going for the green aim a little left of the flag – there is plenty of space to the left for a chip and putt for par and even a bogey, net par is a good score here on this potential card wrecker. But if you go right with your approach there are trees, bushes and a bunker all waiting to make life hard for you. I have seen players miss right with their approach and take 6 or 7 – going left makes all the sense. There is a little landing area short of the green between the green and the canyon but you are better being a bit longer and left rather than short and straight. The green slopes back to front but is very long so take at least one extra club if the flag is blue (signalling it is at the back).

15th Hole – par 5 – stroke 8, 542 yards

Blue Canyon Lakes CoursePull out the big stick, loosen the shoulders, grip it and rip it. So long as you don’t go too crazy here the risk is always worth the reward. REWARD: a good drive that finds the fairway allows you to go over the creek with the second – it is about 430 yards combined to clear the creek, but the drive is downhill. Whatever wind is around is normally at your back and the chances of a good bit of roll is there as well, it plays much shorter than the yardage would suggest. Once over the creek you are left with a 50-60 yard pitch/chip on to a long narrow green. RISK: if you are really wayward you may have to pitch up sideways and then layup again – but really this would be unlucky.

Normally even from in the trees you can get far enough down the fairway to at least get over the creek and then again a short chip and bogey – probably net par. If you don’t get hold of the drive you are likely to be laying up anyway so have a go. However, if even on a good day you will struggle to get over in two be smart off the tee and play a safe club. Hit whatever club goes straight and the layup will always be easy. So remember to keep your head down, watch the club head contact the ball and a good follow through will see you down the middle. If forced to layup try and get a good idea of the distance to the creek – you want to be as close as possible to shorten the 3rd shot. Caddies do tend to under estimate the distance (they really don’t want you going in the water) so get as close as possible. 20 yards short of the creek leaves you with about 130 yards to the green which is protected short left by a bunker and the front half of the green has a bunker to right. Both quite shallow and a sand save is always a chance. The green is long and narrow, slopes back to front and does need a firm pitch to get to the back of the green if pitching up from the front – it is a long way and all up hill.

18th Hole – par 4 – stroke 2, 410 yards

Blue Canyon Lakes CourseA great finishing hole and again a real risk vs reward hole. For any real chance of a par a good long drive is required, the ideal drive is just to the left of the big tree that stands high in the middle of the fairway – long hitters should go straight over the top of the tree, so just aim for it. Odds are a good hit will clear it, a mishit won’t reach it!! Any long drive that gives you a straight look at the green gives you the option to go for the green, which is quite narrow in depth but plenty wide, or to layup. Going for the green requires you to carry the canyon that protects the front and literally runs right to the edge of the green so there certainly is a risk involved, and again a relatively easy pitch/chip can be played from the lay up patch just short and right of the green. Laying up is certainly the play if you are 200+ yards from the green and/or you don’t have a view of the green. There is room at the back, but it is a difficult chip up and back from what is often longish (wet) grass. This is one of Thailand’s best finishing holes and is a real beauty. Take a second to look back from the top of the green down the fairway and reflect on what is a beautiful hole and what was, hopefully, a fine day’s golf.

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